Part 1 of the Journey: Bienvenue à Paris

ImageTrips are always full of adventure, especially if there is an end goal. It’s all the between things along the way which adds the context and flavor to each new day. Our adventure began 3 days ago. I can’t say we’re fully recovered from the long haul flight, as we’re still a bit jet-lagged, glassy-eyed and not sure what we’re doing. These past days of excitement, full of experiencing new sights, smells, people, and the tastes of a new country… ah yes, the food, the not too shabby food… one can safely say we’ve eaten our way through a number of places! Have I mentioned the croissants?  
So far, in these few days, we have covered a lot of ground and have very tired feet to show for it. I, for one, haven’t got my internal clock switched around yet. Currently it is 2:45 a.m. Yet another day will arise and we will hit the streets and the metro once again. Today we are off to Versailles and the countryside. Enchanting! But right now, I think I need to catch a few winks before the day truly begins.
~Pictures will come as soon as I figure out how to up load them in one batch.

Published by Along the Way: life begins at home yet our door is forever open to adventure, new places and new people. Welcome to our travels around the world.

This blog is really about us, my husband Rick and I and our travels. We are retired with grown children and two granddaughters. We travel...exhilarating in new experiences and places and all that each day holds. We believe that life begins to fade once we fail to live into it anymore. So come along the way with us and enjoy the journey too!

4 thoughts on “Part 1 of the Journey: Bienvenue à Paris

  1. Hi Rick and Diane. We are so jealous. Looks like you are having a wonderful time and embracing the experience. Extremely hot here. You’d probably love it but we are dying. Should start to cool off tomorrow. Happy journaling. Kim

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  2. May this journey be all that your hearts hope for; may you be filled to overflowing with all that The Lord has planned for this moment, for this time in your lives.
    Sending you love and prayers. (You send lots of photos!). P@


  3. blurry eyes do not show in these adventurous photos! takes a bit longer to orient ourselves these days, but happy to see that hasn’t stopped you from enjoying every step! your parisian photos are fabulous!! xox


  4. Sounds like your journey has started out well! Hopefully your jet lag will sort it’s self out soon. Enjoy Versailles and the countryside …… I’ll look forward to the next post my friends. We fly back today. xo


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