Acrobats and Gardens

Monday, our current Monday, started off with a trip to the Yu Garden in a very old section of Shanghai. As in Spain where we saw a lot of cathedrals, in China one will see a lot of gardens. Both types beautiful in their own way. This garden, however, housed a central tea house, a zig-zag bridge over a pond, and a meandering path. The zig-zag bridge was built this way because the Chinese believe that evil spirits can only walk in a straight line. Also, did you know, the Chinese always build a high threshold into a home because evil spirits cannot jump. Another reason being that it signifies a persons status in society; the higher the threshold, the higher their status. Once out of the garden we had the opportunity to walk through the market place for just a bit. Wares of every kind you could possibly imagine. And I didn’t find a single thing I wanted.

From the Yu Garden we ventured to the Shanghai Silk Embroidery Emporium and then a Mongolian BBQ for lunch. The embroidery… stunning, beautiful and outstanding! The BBQ… well let’s just say that I like a western BBQ much, much better. The pictures designed by silk embroidery artists is simply amazing; looking lifelike. Long are the years of a persons life who has mastered this craft to the level which we have seen today.

We walked along the Bund just after lunch before heading back to the hotel for a long jet-lagged sleep. The Bund is on the west side of a river running through Shanghai. The river is a tributary of the Yangtze River. The barges on the river were like something out of an old movie. I would interject with beautiful photos about now, however pictures are not loading.
(Once I figure out why my pictures are not loading I will post. For now, please be patient with just the stories.)

The evening was spent with a dinner out and then to a performance of Chinese acrobatics. It was a troupe of young Chinese men and women with the agility of gymnasts. I’m sure they must have been gymnasts; some of the things they could do had us all awestruck. I’m lucky I can walk without tripping over my own two feet, let alone flying through the air to land upon someone’s head or possibly a chair 30 feet off the ground. Entertaining none the less! And now we are off to the hotel and off to bed. I’m pretty sure my system has hit the wall.

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This blog is really about us, my husband Rick and I and our travels. We are retired with grown children and two granddaughters. We travel...exhilarating in new experiences and places and all that each day holds. We believe that life begins to fade once we fail to live into it anymore. So come along the way with us and enjoy the journey too!

2 thoughts on “Acrobats and Gardens

  1. Hi Annie, we are now on the ship, had our first sleep here and am waiting for the world to wake up. I am currently unable to access my blog as it is blocked. It’s being censored, has been from day 1. However, I can hopefully answer you from my email. On the ship internet service is extremely slow and limited. 🙂 Hope to be connected soon.


    *Soli Deo honor et gloria*

    On Mon, Nov 18, 2013 at 8:52 PM, Along the Way


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