Pasaia Donibane to San Sebastian

Crossing mountains
Crossing mountains

DSC01862We began our hike today from Pasaia Donibane by crossing the bay to the other side with just a five minute boat ride to arrive at San Pedro. The camino here continues along the road to San Sebastian via a steep incline of many, many, many stairs. Having arrived upon flat ground the mountain itinerary climbs high again through pine forests to the beautiful Plata lighthouse. We didn’t reach the doors of the lighthouse but we skirted it along a rocky path. From this point, the hike followed a coastal path which had a few old aqueduct bridges and with the fairly rough stone path taking us up through mount Ulía.

The lighthouse
The lighthouse



Continuing upwards we came to a place called the Twelve Tribes. Located along the Paseo de Ulía, in a beautiful garden setting, is a place of fresh coffee, warm bread and bathrooms. They run an albergue for the pilgrims, are located in many countries, and live within a commune of sharing. This is a Christian organization, a people who woke up one morning with one thing on their minds — to love their Creator with all their heart, mind, and strength, and to love one another just as He loved them. They are a spiritual brotherhood whose love for one another stretches across the boundaries of nationality, race, and culture.

Twelve Tribes
Twelve Tribes

Further on we found Ulia park which started our trek downward. It wasn’t long before we were greeted by one of the most spectacular views of San Sebastian. We continued on into the city along calle Zemoriya as far as Zurriola beach when we turned off to find the hotel.

Coastal view
Coastal view






SAM_0736 Posting for today is over as the internet connection is getting slower, and as the sun is out and the boys have gone trekking, us girls are off to shop. Will post more pictures and this time with no grey clouds. Hasta Luego!

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5 thoughts on “Pasaia Donibane to San Sebastian

  1. wow di, what rich scenery….enjoy. that is an area we have always wanted to go!


  2. The boys had a great walk to Orio with spectacular blue skies. We made up for the lack of beer along the way with two in Orio! I said to Ricardo, when we are on the second beer, “Do you want to call Diane?” and he touched his forehead and sent a telepathic message. You psychics!


  3. i am delighted by these scenic photos as well as your wonderful writings! happy to be right here with you along the way…


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