Major’s Hill Park, Foliage & The Canadian Museum of History


We have been in Ottawa for 2 1/2 days trying to take in as much as possible, yet still have not visited the Parliament buildings. That, my friends, should happen on Monday. Needless to say, we have not been idle. Our feet have been on the go in rain, brief interludes of sun, and cold gusty wind. Yes, we’ve had it all! Today though has been the coldest and if it wasn’t for the need to see chef Lynn Crawford in person I just might have stayed warm and dry indoors. But wait, I get ahead of myself. There has been so much in these past days I cannot possibly cram it all into one post, or can I? No, not possible to blog about the quaintness of a small Quebec town and my meeting chef Lynn. We’ll simply save those for tomorrow’s post and move right along with a walk around Major’s Hill Park, walk across the Alexandra Bridge which spans the Ottawa River between Ottawa, Ontario and Gatineau, Quebec and visit the Canadian Museum of History.


Boy I tell you, the colors of fall here just take my breath away!

























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This blog is really about us, my husband Rick and I and our travels. We are retired with grown children and two granddaughters. We travel...exhilarating in new experiences and places and all that each day holds. We believe that life begins to fade once we fail to live into it anymore. So come along the way with us and enjoy the journey too!

6 thoughts on “Major’s Hill Park, Foliage & The Canadian Museum of History

  1. So enjoy your pics. Westerners who have never enjoyed the East in the fall, just don’t “get it”. It is, indeed, spectacular. I don’t think you are going this far south & west, but Niagra on the Lake is beyond beautiful. Also, Lynn Crawford, I think, is involved some where near there in a Winery.


  2. Inspite of the rain, cold winds and lack of sun you have done a spectacular job capturing the fall colours! Beautiful! Can’t wait to see your report on your encounter with Chef Lynn!


  3. A few years ago Lynn did some promotional things with Inniskillen Winery in Niagara on the Lake – this might be what Marg is referring to. I remember being in the area earlier than when she was going to be there and wishing I could attend.


  4. Diane, your pictures are spectacular. I have a few favorites, but too many to list here. Great job in capturing the heart of where you are at. I loved visiting Ottawa when we helped Micah move there, but when I was there it was late August/early September and too early for these colors. The compensation was a really nice late evening in front of the Parliament buildings watching a light show against it’s walls. I enjoyed the river and the locks.


  5. Hi Di! Glad you are enjoying the trip with us. It has certainly been colourful, it catches the breath because it is so stunning. God was definitely in a creative mood when he designed all this. Every colour of the rainbow caught in leaves here in Ontario, while Alberta has but yellow and all the ranges of that one colour. However, we do have majestic mountains. So who’s complaining? Not me!


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