Rainy Days of Dublin

Two days in Dublin, rain mixed with occasional sunshine, and our Hop-On-Hop-Off bus ride and the days were darn full! It had been 15 years since we last visited Dublin and I wouldn’t say a lot has changed as it is still a city under construction. Mix construction with traffic congestion, an abundance of tourists and we’re on the bus…so to speak.

St. Stephen's Green
At St. Stephen’s Green

We did manage to tour the whole of the city though and then decide where and what we really wanted to see. St. Stephen’s Green is a park which consists of 22 acres in the middle of the city. A beautiful place of lush foliage and aviary wildlife. We were told by our guide that there was also an abundance of deer, however, I was hard-pressed to find any.


Nevertheless it was a beautiful walk in a lovely city park on a very drizzly morning.

One of the things Dublin is noted for is rows and rows of their Georgian brick townhouses with colorful doors. One after the other, for blocks on end, they can be quite impressive.

One can’t really say they’ve visited Dublin without seeing Trinity College and taking in the Book of Kells and the Long Room. The Book of Kells is a 9th century gospel manuscript of the four gospels. It is attributed to monastic monks on the isle of Iona off the coast of Scotland around 561. Photographs were not allowed to be taken of the display yet I did manage this one just outside the observation room.


The Long Room is part of the library and in my opinion is just as impressive. It is nearly 65 meters in length, it is filled with 200,000 of the Library’s oldest books and is one of the most impressive libraries in the world.


The grounds of the college are just as impressive ass their library.

We did our best to see it all in a mere two days and I am sure we missed the depth of history and character which this city and country is noted for.

Then there is the reason we came here; a visit to Saint Peter’s Church to obtain our Pilgrim’s Passport for the camino journey in a couple of weeks.

And finally,  what would a post by me…Diane, be without food and something to do with shoes? Guinness and lamb stew and shoes on a wire.

Until next time…


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5 thoughts on “Rainy Days of Dublin

  1. Beautiful pictures – in spite of the rain. Well, actually, the rain just lets us know that for sure you are in Ireland and it brought out the green color in St. Stephen’s park. Trinity college was one of my favorite places. Perusing the display cases in the long library was a fascinating peek into medical and scientific history.


  2. Great pics in spite of the rain! What was the picture of the eggy thing though??
    Glad you tried the Guinness and hope you enjoyed it as well as the lamb stew!


  3. NIce, never been to Dublin. Also enjoyed the previous post because of the fishing references, nice to see the famous brown trout get a reference. We got much need rain and a skiff of snow yesterday and last night. The next 8 of 10 days have a rain forecast……this we need! You two travel well.


  4. Thank you, Diane and Rick, for sharing your adventures, photos, thoughts and feelings with us. Isn’t this world wide web thing very useful. I hope you continue to very much enjoy your path along the way. Best wishes.


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