Signs and Wonders of Downtown Enniskillen

Ireland is probably one of the greenest places I have ever been to. And, if it didn’t rain all the time it wouldn’t look as lush as it does. Nonetheless we venture out into the rain and are granted moments of sunshine before the drizzle starts again.

Today’s post isn’t so much about grand historical landmarks as it is about silliness and signage on buildings. It’s about a quaint little town. A place where a grandparent came from, just down the road a bit as the crow flies, an area called Ballydoolagh. It is also about searching the graveyards of every church en route looking for family history.

The scenery of Enniskillen around the lake is very beautiful. I can definitely imagine quiet sunny afternoons just lazying around with a good book by the lake or strolling through the various parks.

I wonder what some people are thinking when they name a business?

Or what a city ponders when they place various signs together.


Every town needs a butcher shop…don’t you think?

Sweets and shoes too…

To finish off the day it was an amazing Greek meal at Dollaki’s Restaurant.

Until next time….Feicfidh mé ar ball thú

3 thoughts on “Signs and Wonders of Downtown Enniskillen

  1. By now I would have bought a second suitcase to fit in one of those wooden ducks and a pair of those funky shoes.
    I like the guy who had to ham it up for your photo. Probably a footie fan.

    Tell Rick that I say, “Sláinte”


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