Granada, Spain


Granada…a beautiful city located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains; a place where four rivers meet. It is not an overly large city with just over 220,000 people. The atmosphere lends an air of romanticism with it’s beautiful castle overlooking the city and snow covered mountains in the background. Throughout the city is a Moorish feel as the castle and it’s surroundings was once a Moorish citadel. Our hotel, Posada del Toro is located in a area which looks very much like we walked back in time and are in the middle of the Medina in Tunisia again. So come along, we’ll take a journey through the city, the castle, and the citadel. We hope you enjoy the views.

Visiting beautiful Granada went by so fast and so much to take in. There were botanical gardens at the university, quaint neighborhoods with interesting doors, strolls along the Plaza Nueva and dinner with new found friends.

So this, mis amigos, has been my very brief perspective of Granada shared with you. And now we are off to Porto, Portugal. Until we meet again…

2 thoughts on “Granada, Spain

  1. Granada is such a great place. I like that first picture with you and Rick and the Alhambra in the background. And, I’m pretty sure we took an evening stroll down the same shopping street, where Justine bought a pair a knee high boots which she then had to carry around by hand (when she wasn’t wearing them) since they wouldn’t fit in her backpack – haha.

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