City of red tiled roofs
City of red tiled roofs

We have been here in Porto, Portugal for three days now and have traveled up and down steep hills and toured the Douro river into the Douro wine region. Beautiful country with centuries of history behind it.
It would be impossible for me to encapsulate the charm of Porto into a couple of blog posts. Yet I believe pictures can speak volumes of words far better than I.

Porto is a city of hills, monuments, cathedrals and beautiful pictures captured through their magnificent tile work in buildings throughout the city.

A UNESCO world heritage site, the city of Oporto, built along the hillsides overlooking the mouth of the Douro river, is an outstanding urban landscape with a 2,000-year history. It is currently undergoing lots of refurbishing of it’s ancient buildings within the historical section of the city.

As amazing as any city is with the monuments and such, it would be nothing without the people and the life they create here…including the tourists.

Every morning we wake, open the curtains and take in the view across the street. it’s quite priceless as there are a number of little old ladies who hang out their windows to watch life come awake below.

And what would a post be without finishing off with my favorite things…shoes, of course! Whether they be in a window or attached to others feet.

5 thoughts on “Oporto

  1. My heart just pounds when I look at the beauty of the ancient buildings, intricately carved stonework, red tile roofs – and that incredible tile work! What will we do when all the old ladies are gone and no one hangs out the windows anymore and the old men no longer sit around to chat and smoke?

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