Along the Douro River

Porto pano 1-1

Yesterday we decided to take a Douro river cruise which would take us into the Douro wine valley. It was a very relaxing and peaceful day with beautiful scenery along the way, the perfect way to rest up for the hike beginning tomorrow.

It seemed that every turn of the river held another bit of beauty, some sitting along the banks of the river while others climbed hillsides with their churches resting atop and guarding over all.

Vineyards and farmlands in the distance were terraced up the hills creating visual textures of all sorts.

There you have it, the Douro river cruise in a nutshell. Tomorrow we begin our hike to Santiago de Compestella, a 10 day pilgrimage which really was and is the purpose of this journey, so I will leave you with a pilgrims prayer.


Lord, be for us, a companion on our journey, our guide at the crossroads, our strength in tiredness, our stronghold in danger.Be the inspiration for our walking, the shade in our heat, the light in our darkness, our consolation in dejection, the power in our intention. So that, under your guidance, we may reach the end of our journey without harm; and strengthened with gratitude and grace, return to our homes safely and joyfully. Through Christ, our Lord, Amen.


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