La vida en España


It has been a good few days, some long and some not so much. The weather has been very humid and hot in the afternoons and cool in the mornings. Naturally, we want to finish the day before the heat collapses us all. Our last place had a salt water pool which Rick and others dove right in to. But usually, at the end of the day, we sit around and have a coffee or a drink…at least until we gather for dinner.


Walking the camino is about a lot more than finding some spiritual epiphany. It is about entering into life which you meet along the journey. Strangers, animals of all sorts; cats, dogs, sheep and goats with their shepherd’s, and horses staked so they can only eat around one area. Then there’s the husband, wife, grandmother, daughter and any other family working the land. It’s a scene which takes one back a good many decades. At least for North American’s. So enjoy the following pictures of the simple life in Spain.

These were only a few pictures of the ongoing life in Spain which we past each day en-route to another place and different sights. the thing about entering into life is a matter of embracing what one encounters. I think we did that on this journey.

Published by Along the Way: life begins at home yet our door is forever open to adventure, new places and new people. Welcome to our travels around the world.

This blog is really about us, my husband Rick and I and our travels. We are retired with grown children and two granddaughters. We travel...exhilarating in new experiences and places and all that each day holds. We believe that life begins to fade once we fail to live into it anymore. So come along the way with us and enjoy the journey too!

One thought on “La vida en España

  1. Wow! Tilling the earth by hand. This reminds me of when I was little and I helped at my grandma’s farm by gathering the potatoes that they dug up, row after row. Such hard working people, these rural Europeans. No wonder they enjoy their evening meals which they earned with the “sweat of their brows.”

    I like how the goats were willing to look into the camera – those cute posers.

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