People Along the Way


Ten days of a pilgrimage on all types of paths and roadways and with all types of people. It causes me to wonder why people for over a millennium would walk 100 miles or more to reach a certain destination.  Why have we walked it three times? 

a veces el camino es silencioso

The Camino de Santiago pulls at the heartstrings, never letting too many years ebb by before you are drawn back to walk the road again yet on a different route. Maybe it’s the constant search for something deeper, in any aspect of life. It could be to prove to oneself that it can be done. Or possibly to find a deeper faith and more connectedness to God. Or as my husband Rick says, “It’s the cultural outlook.” Whatever the reason may be for the multitudes of people from around the world who have made the pilgrimage to Santiago, it is those we meet along the way who make the trek and the burden lighter.

There are many methods of travel; it may not all be on foot. Bikers from all over ride to Santiago. However, they must cover far more ground than those of us on foot.


As we finish the camino we are all elated, relieved and very tired. But we have made it and count ourselves among the millions who have stood on the same embedded shell at the base of the cathedral in Santiago.

Before we say goodbye, I’ll leave you with a few of the memorable sights along this wonderful journey.


Published by Along the Way: life begins at home yet our door is forever open to adventure, new places and new people. Welcome to our travels around the world.

This blog is really about us, my husband Rick and I and our travels. We are retired with grown children and two granddaughters. We travel...exhilarating in new experiences and places and all that each day holds. We believe that life begins to fade once we fail to live into it anymore. So come along the way with us and enjoy the journey too!

4 thoughts on “People Along the Way

  1. Thank you for sharing your journey, Diane. People along the way is a good title because you have given us a snapshot into moments of people’s lives. Is the man with the Koala on his backpack and walking sticks an Aussie? How did this journey have a spiritual impact on you?

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  2. Hi Diane! Thanks for following along on this trek. Yes, he is an Aussie. He was inspiring and had been traveling for quite a number of days. I forget where he started from, though I remember it was further away than where we had started. I can’t really say that the camino itself had an impact, but it was people I met and their stories. You know, the ones God just brings into your life. An Irishman named Charlie who had lost his wife a couple years before. A mother and daughter on our cruise down the Douro river in Porto. Two ladies we met on the London tube heading to Victoria station. I think they inspired me more than anything. The camino was a struggle this time, both health wise and just the journey itself. Did I have a revelation of some sort? No. Did God speak to me while walking? No. Yet he spoke through people, and that is what I will remember.


  3. Not an easy trek for sure but you and Rick accomplished what will once again hold meaningful memories both of the people you met and the beautiful sites you have passed through along the way! Congratulations….and thanks for sharing!

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