On the Road Again

In just a few short weeks another trek begins.


It’s fall here in Alberta with a briskness in the air. Aspen trees have changed their colors from Kelly green to beautiful shades of gold and summer seems to have come and gone so quickly. Our summer saw far more rainy days than the lazy, steamy hot ones.


Even though the rains came and the evenings were chilled, there was still opportunity for plenty of BBQ’s and time spent with friends outdoors.

Yes, it was a busy summer starting with a bridal shower.


Followed by a road trip with my mother to northern California visiting friends and family.

Upon my returning home, Rick and I celebrated with friends at their wedding.


Fast approaching is our time to make our annual trip south for the winter. It won’t be the usual drive through Montana, Utah and on into Arizona. No, this time we will be heading north and west into BC, stopping to visit friends along the route and family in various spots. We will also be catching ferries in BC and down into Washington. We’ll travel the coastal highway through the western states and eventually we will arrive in Phoenix.

So stay tuned and join us as once again we look for adventure.

3 thoughts on “On the Road Again

  1. We are so looking forward to seeing you both, hosting you for a short while. We’re glad that your journey on the road again takes you through Prince George. I agree totally with Hess’ statement in his poem where he says “in all beginnings dwells a magic force.” You must feel that force once you take to the road anew. And the old proverb that states “begin the thing and ye shall have the power. But those who do not begin have not the power.” The really helpful and healing directions given by Jesus and the valued proverbs through the ages mostly began with a verb I have noticed. An action word. The wisest people throughout history knew that action liberates further energies, insights, strengths, gifts. And wise people of our generation seem to know this. You two are prime examples of this knowing. Thank you for your writings, photographs and insights. See you soon. Charlie >


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