Jasper to Prince George

We’ll start today where we left off yesterday, traveling the Ice Fields Parkway and Jasper. There were many glaciers en route but none which turned out picture worthy. Have you any idea how difficult it is to make a picture of a glacier not look like just a sheet of ice. After all that’s exactly what it is.


Aside from glaciers though there are some amazing falls, one being Athabasca Falls, so I think we’ll start there today and then move on to this charming town of Jasper before heading to Prince George.

Jasper is not all that large and yet it is much more than what I had imagined. This being my first visit here I wanted to capture, or try to, the essence of the town itself. Our morning started in town at a small bakery shop for a coffee followed by a brisk walk down the main street.

There’s not a whole to see, but I think you’ll get the gist of it’s charm and rusticity.

One very cool art work was the totem pole. The height of it was simply mind boggling.

As it begins to snow we hit the road and set off for British Columbia. Not long into our drive we cross the border and exactly at that spot is a beautiful pond and path around it. A break in the weather for another morning stroll.

It was a fairly boring drive through bleak weather and bush country for miles on end. We did, however, stop at a very tiny hamlet, if you can call it a hamlet, Dunster. It consisted of a  general store which had everything one could imagine including it’s own outhouse, just in case you had to make a pit stop. The charming lady who tended the store was akin to a hippie of the 60’s, who tried to convince me that said outhouse was a perfectly suitable toilet and all I had to do was hold my breath.

Dunster also had at one point an elementary school of fine art. It is no longer up and running yet the art work left behind by the students was amazing.

Now off we go to Prince George…




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