Prince Rupert


We finally made it to Prince Rupert and tomorrow morning we hop on the ferry for an 11 hour trip to the island. The day has been inundated with rain, but now…now the sun is out when our day is done and our feet are up. Even though it poured most of the day it wasn’t without places of interest and stops along the way.

Just before Prince Rupert we stopped at Port Edward to have a look at the North Pacific Cannery.


It was then on into Prince Rupert for lunch followed by a walk about town before we checked into our room for the night.

The wharf and shopping area, called Cow Bay was quirky and charming all rolled into one.

So ends another day for us, but it’s not all about us. it’s about Roo too and finding friends for him to play with. At the end of his day he likes a cuddle with his stuffed toy.

Tomorrow we board a ferry to the island. We’ll be out of commission for 22 hours. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and there will be sunshine.





One thought on “Prince Rupert

  1. hello Rick and Diane, Pat and I are so glad your travel plans included a stop in Prince George. More time with us would be great on another occasion. Our area has a lot of lakes, scenic roads and easy to access hiking trails. But we really apppreciated and enjoyed the time we had together sharing food and conversation. It was delightful to meet Roo as well:)


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