Tofino to Victoria: Part 2

It is always refreshing to stop and reconnect with friends and family on our treks and tours of various places. For some it has been decades, others just a matter of a few years or months. Such was the case with Marty and Collen in Parksville, old working companions of Rick’s from our time in Brooks, Alberta going back 3 decades. Their dog Boson and Roo got along great, even sharing toys. Mary and Tom live in Ladysmith and I have known Mary for a number of years while her husband Tom we just met. They too are dog people with Keener and Olive quickly becoming BFF’s of Roo. He overtook their dog beds and toys. Finally we have Rick’s cousin Pat and her husband Ron. They live in Victoria and was our final stay on the island before boarding the ferry to stateside.

After leaving Ladysmith we ventured to a little town called Chemainus located on the Chemainus River Valley. It’s a town of murals on buildings, sign posts and just about anywhere they could paint one. Very cool indeed!

Quirky stores, secret gardens, parks, boats and more murals.

This turned out to pretty much be a story of Chemainus. Way too many pictures to post it all, but you get the gist of this pretty little town I’m sure! Now on to another day…

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