Williamsburg, Virginia is an historic city dating back to 1632 and one which was significant in the American Revolution. It forms an historic triangle which includes Jamestown and Yorktown.The colonial section of Williamsburg is actually a living museum. People are dressed in period clothing, stories are told and tours given to take one back in time.

DSCN9290_6278Just a short distance from Colonial Williamsburg is the Merchant Market, another quaint section of this charming town.

Aside from the Merchant Market and Colonial Williamsburg there are still plantations. We visited two of them. the grounds around the plantations are open, however, the main houses were not. I did get a peak into one though. Also along the route was an occasional historic church.

The buildings on the plantation were informative as to their use, such as the Necessary…

This was just a taste of what Williamsburg offers in it’s area. A very pretty place. When these pictures were taken the trees had not leafed out yet. Today the cherry trees have bloomed. But that’s for another day….


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