Washington DC


Although this was my 2nd trip to Washington DC, there is always something, no matter where I visit, that I missed seeing the first time around. I suppose it will always be true, especially here in Washington as there is such a wealth of history, information, memorial and historical sights to see. Thus began a 2 day trip for Lynne and I, she never having been before. It might have been a whirlwind tour but we covered a lot of ground. We began with a private tour of the Capitol which had been organized by a friend.

This pretty much covered off day one. Day 2 began trying to get into the new African American Smithsonian. This was virtually impossible as tickets are sold out more than a year in advance. We did try online over a month ago to no avail. So, there is a picture of the building but nothing inside. We also tried to see the Holocaust Museum and could not get tickets there either. The Smithsonian we did see was the Museum of Natural History which was very very cool.

DSCN9342_6326My friend Lynne is directionally challenged. Every which way she faces she considers north. So I thought her in front of a world was very apropos. Which way is north, Lynne?


From the Museum of Natural History we ventured down the National Mall to see the Lincoln Memorial and the Vietnam Memorial.

Our last day was only a half day as we were scheduled to leave by 1 yet we had time in the morning to visit the Library of Congress. We first went to the Genealogy department to see if we can find  more information on our heritage. Needless to say, one would need far more than just a couple hours in the morning. You would actually need maybe a whole week. So, off we went to check out the rest of the library. I am extremely impressed and I only saw a portion.

This has only been a sampling of Washington. One cannot possibly take in all of Washington, DC in a short 2 days. Spend a week and you just might a significant dent in all it has to offer. I must come back again in my lifetime. Thanks for joining us on this tour.


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