Friends, Family & Coastal Towns

Visiting the Thayer ranch in Salinas is always an exciting affair because one never knows what will show up on their front lawn , not to mention cocktails with the donkeys.

Time spent with good friends is always a blessing filling the heart with added memories!

DSCN0007From Salinas it was on to Pajaro Dunes for three nights of ocean air and sand. No water for me as it is Way. Too. Cold! However, sea birds, their tracks in the sand and walks on the beach with my brother are always interesting.

If you’re in to canoeing Moss Landing would be the place to go. Just a short jaunt from Pajaro Dunes one finds an incredible diversity of sea life. birds and water sports.

Continuing on to Petaluma we stopped in Capitola, a very cool and hip beach town. I think I could spend a few days here. Maybe in low season though.

It’s time to hit the road and head on into Petaluma. See you again on another day. Thanks for stopping by!

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