The Sights of Petaluma

IMG_20170818_201507Awesome Petaluma: a town fit for foodies, known for it’s chickens, eggs and cows, a town with great signage, and the home of my brother David. Welcome to the streets of Petaluma.

The other night found me wandering the streets with my sister-in-law Sue and friend, Linda, after an amazing meal at the Central Market.

Around town on the occasional street corner or down an obscure alley one will find a piano just waiting for someone to play. Maybe you might find Pete offering up a tune.

No matter where one looks there is always a beautiful view of something.

Yesterday my brother and I took to the streets of this quaint town for the “Taste of Petaluma. Even though I sampled some good food, I was still more interested in signs.

However, there was one particular store, a charcuterie which thoroughly had me excited. My kind of place. If I was staying longer I definitely would have been shopping here and cooking up some amazing meals!

So ends this journey of Petaluma. Today we take a drive around the Napa valley.IMG_20170818_192040

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