Mothers, Daughters, Family & Friends


When August rolls around I find myself in the heat of Arizona ready to drive mama to northern California for a visit with family and friends. Last year mama had just returned home from a long stint in rehab recovering from surgery. She wasn’t nearly ready to take the long drive with weeks away from home and being in constant pain, yet she was determined to go and go we did! This year she is a little bit older and a little bit shorter, slower but pain-free and rearing to hit the road. As always, the first day of our road trip is not complete without including a stop at Mickey D’s for a frappe.

IMG_20170809_073538After 8 hours of driving we made it to our first destination, Solvang, California.


Solvang is not a big place, yet it is a very popular tourist destination, very much like a Banff, Alberta with shops, restaurants and unique scenery. After we arrived and getting mom all settled in the hotel room as she was done for the night, I went for a stroll.


Farmers markets, carvings of vikings, big wooden clogs, tree-lined streets, sidewalks edged with flowers, bells and thatched roofs. Quaint!




Thus ends our first night. Stay tuned…