There are 21 Spanish missions throughout California dating from 1769 to 1823. Each one unique, in use today, and loved by those who attend and those who visit. IMG_20170809_150022Stopping briefly in Santa Barbara I wanted to see the Santa Barbara Mission which is known for it’s double bell towers and considered to be the queen of all the missions. Perched on a hilltop one can see it from a great distance with the Santa Ynez mountains behind it. Due to travelling time constraints this was the only view I could manage. Maybe on my return trip….

DSCN9922Mission Santa Ines is located in Solvang. I did have time to wander around the grounds before getting back on the road. I’m glad I did!

The views alone from Mission Santa Inez are worth the time to stop. Take a walk along the Stations of the Cross. Maybe stop and rest and reflect on the beauty of the Santa Ynez river valley below with the Santa Ynez and Rafael mountains beyond. Meander through the rose garden or tread the hall of arches.

These old Spanish Missions always capture my heart and fill me with wonder at the architecture, simplicity and beauty of them. It is here, in the quietness and sanctity of these places that I am reminded of how much I am loved by a good, good God. DSCN9916“God passes through the thicket of the world, and wherever his glance falls he turns all things to beauty.” ~John of the Cross



The Charm of Old Towns

Driving into the old town sections of towns and cities, it captures our awe and admiration for it’s architecture and we know instantly that it’s one of those places in which a closer look through our camera lens would be a memory well preserved. Continue reading “The Charm of Old Towns”

Tofino to Victoria: Part 1


Here we are, a week into our trip and the last you heard we were on a ferry from Prince Rupert to Port Hardy. We are now in Astoria, Oregon so there is lots to catch up on.

Tofino, BC is a very cool place to visit; a place where we learned that we have a dog who loves the ocean, loves chasing after surfers and running wild on the beach. He made friends with everybody and every other dog.


Aside from beautiful beaches, wild waves and surfers there is the town. A quirky and hip little place which was booming with life.

As much fun as we were having on the beach with Roo it was time to mosy along to our next destination. Stay tuned…

The Ice Fields Parkway

We are loaded for bear and ready to hit the road. Of course we can’t leave home without the newest family member, Roo.

dscn5207 Continue reading “The Ice Fields Parkway”

People Along the Way


Ten days of a pilgrimage on all types of paths and roadways and with all types of people. It causes me to wonder why people for over a millennium would walk 100 miles or more to reach a certain destination.  Why have we walked it three times?  Continue reading “People Along the Way”