The Road Beyond My Fence

Mountains out my window
It is the 1st of October and Rick and I are preparing for another journey; a road trip across beautiful Canada, all the way to the maritimes and down through the states, eventually working our way to Arizona. We leave behind these beautiful mountains to venture beyond our fence line to discover new vistas, places, and people. Some of you might be wondering if we ever stay home. Briefly; long enough to sort the house out, visit the doctor, see friends, have a party or two, and look at the remaining items on our bucket lists. Many people are happy to live in one place their whole life and never tour past their front yard. We, however, want to see and experience all of this extraordinary and breathtaking world before our dying breaths. After all, we do live in a beautifully created land and each place on this globe has its own specific charm and intrigue. I want to know what each new place has to offer and what makes the place draw one to it. Maybe it’s the people who inhabit the area, or maybe the traditions and history or captivating landscapes beckoning to be photographed. The allurement of it all is likened to a siren. So, departing on the 11th we estimate around 6 weeks on the road. I do hope you will follow along another of our adventures.