Preparing For the Pilgrimage

It is said that once the thought forms of taking a pilgrimage, that one has already begun it. So it has been for my husband, Rick, and I. We began last year by watching the movie, “The Way.” It impacted me greatly before it was even over. I knew that I too must make the journey along the Camino de Santiago, and surprisingly my husband agreed without hesitation. In this past year we have researched, found a tour company, purchased necessary equipment, booked hotels, and purchased plane tickets. June 30th we will board a plane to Paris, the beginning of our actual journey, and I am anticipating that it will be life changing. Not solely for me and my relationship with God, but for us, as husband and wife, and for him in whatever way God chooses to reach him. As we journey, I hope you will come visit this site often to see the updates, pictures, and posts of our days on the pilgrimage.

Grace and peace,


If you are interested, you can read about the Camino here:

And you can watch a trailer of the movie here:

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